The perception of beauty; Thanksgiving cooking

This one speaks for itself.

In slightly different news, the Thanksgiving cooking has finally begun here. I made white chocolate ice cream from one of those review books. YUM! It’s incredibly good, so I have high hopes for this cookbook now. Of course, admittedly it’s from Chronicle Books. I only recall one or two cookbooks that I ever bought from them that I disliked or found lacking in some way. So far the quality has been surprisingly good.

I have most of my list of recipes constructed, but not the whole thing. I’ve at least picked out the recipes from most of the review books and some of the cookbooks we’ve bought ourselves that I’d like to review for the holidays. Among those books: “Big Fat Cookies,” “Christmas Cookies,” “Luscious Lemon Desserts,” “The Chocolate Deck,” “A Passion for Ice Cream,” “Biscuit Bliss,” and… well I don’t remember the rest just now, and it’s 3 am so the lights are off, which means I can’t see the titles.

That “Biscuit Bliss” cookbook? Wow. I could probably review it already, but I want an excuse to make more out of it.

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4 comments on “The perception of beauty; Thanksgiving cooking
  1. Scott M says:

    Sounds good– I really look forward to Christmas cookie baking. I wonder which ones will make the list this year.

    (Snickerdoodles and vacuum cleaner cookies are on the must list– everything else has to earn its way on the list.)

  2. Okay I give–what’s a vacuum cleaner cookie?? Sounds intriguing!

    Looks like on the cookie front we’ll be making butterscotch marble blondie drops, Norwegian lace cookies, macadamia-white chocolate brownies, embossed macadamia stars. That’s what I have so far, anyway!

  3. Scott M says:

    Vacuum cleaner cookies are bar cookies– a yellow cake mix base under a cream cheese/ coconut/ nuts top layer. It was my Dad’s favorite cookie growing up… and it has proved a solid hit whenever I take it on the road.

    If I thought they’d hold up, I’d so try a cookie exchange by mail.

  4. Oooh. Yum. My favorite cookies for mailing are M.F.K. Fisher’s Ginger Hottendots–incredibly yummy and they hold up to mailing very well. VERY gingery. Homemade nut brittle also works well.

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