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Another delightful Mike Spiff Booth/Jonathan Coulton video set in the World of Warcraft. Great production quality and hilarious lyrics! Note that Coulton’s music is available for fairly inexpensive download on his site, especially given that it’s provided under a creative commons license that allows you to re-use it for non-commercial use, pass it on to your friends, etc. Yes, I’m so addicted to his quirky, catchy tunes that I ordered the whole freakin’ set, and I don’t often buy music any more. Le sigh… I gather it requires some kind of manual processing (understandable when you’re taking payments through Google and PayPal), so hopefully I’ll get that sometime today. I’m all impatient and stuff. *grin* Besides, I need something other than “your brains” “creepy doll” and “code monkey” going through my head repeatedly.

Traditional edit: Aha, it finally occurred to me to look at Coulton’s FAQs, which helpfully state that if you can’t figure out how to get the downloads (i.e., something went weird), just email him and he’ll take care of it. I emailed him, and I look forward to reporting that I’m bopping along to catchy weird music soon.

TE2: Via AFK Gamer/Uncle Foton, it’s Carnival of Gamers #19 – Late Night Addition–a bunch of links to interesting gaming rants and articles.

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