Addicted to t-shirt-making

Is it possible to be addicted to design? I never knew I’d end up having so much fun designing shirts & stuff when I first started that cafepress shop with my husband and our friend. I’d never done this kind of stuff before, and I’ve been stunned to see how well things have taken off (this month we hit the tier one volume bonus on THE FIRST DAY of December) and how much fun I’ve had with it. I’m getting more proficient with GIMP, although it still confounds me at times. It’s certainly helping me to design better items, even if the design takes longer. For example, the Epic Raiment of Holiday Cheer:

And of course, yet another new writers’ design, “write with curiosity:”

Among others. Yes, among others. Sigh… The Coffee mug of ultra-caffeination has also been selling like crazy, often 2-4 at a time.

Sure, it isn’t enough to live off of. But it supplements my husband’s income a lot better than the AdSense ads do, and it’s easier on my tendonitis than almost anything else I can do. It also dovetails perfectly with my ADD/bipolar/PTSD, because it’s easy to do in short bursts as the mood takes me, and I can apply it to almost any topic or interest–which means that restlessness and an inability to focus don’t keep me from accomplishing quite a bit. I pretty much despaired of ever finding anything that worked this well with my particular disabilities, so I’m going to let myself go nuts with it!

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