I wanted to apologize in advance for how little stuff is likely to go up this week, in terms of reviews and such. This weekend Selene reacted to one of the meds the vets gave her for her dental work, and she developed lesions all up and down her furry little abdomen. We spent Sunday evening at the emergency vet’s, and I didn’t sleep much that night as I tried to keep her from grooming her belly.

Last night we took her to our vet. Now she has a collar to keep her from grooming, but it completely freaks her out, so she pretty much just hides under the couch while she has it on. When she does move around she tries to scrape it off on everything, and she’s taken a couple of spills when trying to get up onto or down off of places, so I’m mostly trying to keep an eye on her and keep her from hurting herself.

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2 comments on “Apologies…
  1. Scott M says:

    Your cats certainly make it hard. Here’s to a swift recovery.

  2. Yeah. They were born prematurely, so they have a tendency toward health problems. They more than make up for it, though, with personality. =)

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