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I tend to be a bit behind the times, but hey, I did finally watch an “ask a ninja” video, of his first live appearance. (I originally embedded the video but I hate autoplay and for some reason couldn’t get it to shut off, and am not in the frame of mind for extended debugging.)

Now I’ll have to go find more. Which is probably why I resisted so long, of course; I didn’t want to have yet another time sink on my hands!

I haven’t been playing much Warcraft lately at least; I can’t get into much of the endgame stuff and I’ve gotten a tad bored of the leveling. Not to mention so many other people have dropped off lately due to boredom as well. If the expansion had come out at its original release date it probably would have been perfect; as it is it seems to be a bit late to avoid the boredom creep. Anyway, I’ve finally redone the rest of the level 70 dark shirt designs:


I also stumbled on an absolutely gorgeous piece of Warcraft fanart called The Winterspring Assault. Frankly it’s better than any official art out there!

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