Briefest first thoughts on the pre-Burning Crusade patch

Honestly, I might not always agree with Foton over at AFK Gamer on specific opinions, but I like reading his arguments. After all the whining I see about every little thing whenever I log on to the game or read the official forums (“how dare Blizz change this tiny thing I liked even though it makes most of their players happier!” “how dare they make this tiny thing slightly less convenient for meeeeeee just because it balances play better!” “how dare they not fix MY list of pet peeves first!”) it’s just really nice to see someone who, sure, gets pissed at some of the changes, but who also has some perspective that not everything that bothers him is the end of the world. From Foton’s latest (NSFW language if you click through, depending on where you work),

White Text for Enchantments – annoying and momentarily panic-inducing, but shit happens. No biggie.

Arena Battlemasters Temporarily Unavailable – again, a nuisance but we’ll deal.

Honor System Revisions – there’s some creative spin going on in that thread. No great shakes.

Display / User Interface Issues – here we go. And where to start? Meh, I’ll get back to this.

Missing Bank Bag Slots or Items – this seems kind of huge. Hotfix incoming though, which is nice. Maybe if they weren’t trying to shove the square Beta code peg into the round Live code hole this wouldn’t be an issue, but what do I know about coding? Nothing, that’s what.

Level 60 XP to Gold Conversion, Display Issue – nuisance.

He gets the difference between things that are nuisances and things that really impact his gameplay. And he goes on to do a good job of explaining not only which certain things have had a large negative impact–and why, with examples–but provides a few sketchy ideas for how Blizz might minimize such problems.

See, now that’s constructive while still being a fun and entertaining rant to read.

Since I don’t raid, the whole thing has been a lot easier for me. I think my game has crashed once since the patch, but that’s it. I love that the rendering is smoother; now when there’s serious lag I still have a chance of moving through, say, the crowd out front of the IF bank. I also rather like some of the talent changes. I’m using the excuse to play around with some new UI mods to replace some of my old ones that hadn’t been maintained in a while.

Gotta say, though, my rogue waddles like a duck when stealthed now…

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