Cat Update

We didn’t get much sleep last night. For the first half of the night we kept the cats in our room so we wouldn’t have to worry about them trying to jump down off of something while doped and hurting themselves. Cahlash spent the entire time racing around the room, occasionally jumping up near his curled-up sister and getting hissed at. Not much sleep there.

Next we let the cats out and I stayed up for a while watching them to make sure they were handling themselves okay and wouldn’t injure themselves if left alone.

Finally we went to sleep, with some success despite high adrenaline and stress levels.

This morning we get to try to dose Selene up with her pain meds, which ought to be, uh, fun. (Last night’s antibiotics only partially ended up inside of her.) I’ve been pointing out to her that the more she lets us get into her the less she’ll hurt today, but I somehow doubt she’s listening, eh?

At least now Cahlash is capable of sitting still. And both cats are very hungry, which is a good sign. They had about half their dinner last night (the better to not have them puke) after not having had breakfast or lunch, so they’re convinced they’re dying of hunger.

So, yeah. Our tiny little cat has basically her canines left, or something like that. Not much else. After they popped the tartar off they found what was underneath really didn’t resemble teeth all that much any more, and that she’d basically been chewing her food with tartar, not teeth, for some time. Which HAD to hurt. So hopefully she’ll be in a lot less pain once the surgery pain wears off.

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2 comments on “Cat Update
  1. Scott M says:

    Sounds like you’re taking excellent care of them. Hope their recovery is smooth and swift.

  2. Thank you! I can’t help worrying over them.

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