Catching Up

Well the vet said Selene was looking a lot better last night; of course that was before she somehow managed to slip her collar this morning and start pulling her scabs off. (Sigh.) They estimate another two weeks before we can take it off of her; I figure in another week or so she’ll try to murder us in our sleep.

Thanks to a combination of reward cards from our credit card company and a wonderful holiday gift from my mother we got a new fridge! It’s ostensibly the same size as the old one, but it’s laid out so much better that it fits a lot more, and of course it doesn’t have the problem of going warm/cold/warm/cold since the compressor isn’t ailing.

We’re also getting a handful of books, including another core D&D set so my husband and I don’t have to keep trading them back and forth while we game. Of course in the middle of all of this we’ve both come down sick; hopefully I’ll still get some work done today.

Legendary Coffee Mug of Restoration!

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2 comments on “Catching Up
  1. Scott M says:

    Yeah, a set apiece is a huge time saver. We’re up to 3 sets in a group of 5 players… and there are still times when someone wants a book that’s currently being used.

  2. I’ve noticed in 3.5 that at least it’s easy to look things up so far (in 3.0 I seem to recall it was a royal pain to find anything during gameplay). However, there really are enough pieces of information that you do need to look things up quite a bit.

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