Exalted! and cat update

EXALTED finally! Well, not me. But part of Christmas we spent on Warcraft hanging out with a dear friend, and we finally got him to exalted with Argent Dawn after many long months of grinding. We also kind of tricked him into getting MC attuned–we weren’t sure we could do it with just the three of us, so we told him we were going into BRD to farm elemental cores and dark iron scraps. Then we took the route to attune, and it worked out. That was fun. I also took part in one and a half UBRS runs to help someone work on their Valor set, and ended up with a green santa hat. Woot!

Another day or two and Selene should be able to get her cone-collar off! Her wounds are healing nicely. She has a line down her fuzzy belly that looks like it might well scar, but most of the scabs are gone. It’s so strange to realize she might well end up with scars from an allergic reaction.

Sit. Stay. DIE. Dark T-Shirt

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