Exploring Gods

Look up a god from a polytheistic religion, such as Heru’ur, or Horus the Elder, of Ancient Egypt. (Do a web search or visit your local library.) We aren’t so much concerned with accuracy as inspiration here, so rather than doing an exhaustive search, pick a web entry or book entry that appeals to you. Many old gods consist of versions and variations, with different bits of lore sometimes attached to them and sometimes attached to other gods; you’ll often find directly contradictory pieces of information about a god from different sources. Thus, it’s your job to pick out the bits and pieces that form a picture of the god that most appeals to you. You might print the entry you like and underline, highlight, or take notes on the printout until you have a firm idea of what this “god” would be like in your version of reality. Finally, do one of the following:

  • Write or brainstorm a short story from the god’s point of view.
  • Write or brainstorm a short story from the perspective of a worshipper of this god.
  • Tell a creation myth or folktale related to this god.
  • Tell a tale of this god’s existence and involvement in everyday life.

Any of these can be set in the god’s original milieu and time period, a fantasy or pseudo-fantasy setting of your making, the present day, or any other time period you can imagine.

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