Federline and Weird Al

I tend not to discuss celebrities because, well, beyond having a train-wreck fascination with their headlines on FARK, I really don’t care what most of them are doing. Kevin Federline, through those headlines, has sort of become a poster child, however, for exactly why I loathe the whole “celebrity culture” phenomenon. Let’s face it–he got famous because he married someone famous, and he’s been leaching off of that ever since with the aid of his mile-wide ego. Therefore, I do have to pass this on, because it so beautifully expresses my feelings on everything.

Weird Al’s ‘interview’ with Kevin Federline:

Above link naturally found on FARK.

I’m on ur server
farmin ur goldz

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2 comments on “Federline and Weird Al
  1. Scott M says:

    I like your Burning Void reorganization, though it’ll take a while to get used to.

    On your left menu, both Reviews and Site Blog link to your review blog– there’s no link back to this blog.

  2. GAH! Thank you! I live in fear of not catching mistakes like that. Fixed now.

    Thanks… I know the site’s organization isn’t ideal, and it will eventually get cleaned up more. My brain really doesn’t work in a clean, linear fashion, so it often takes me a while to see that an organizational scheme that makes sense to me isn’t necessarily clear to others. *grin*

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