“Journaling for the Future”

Today’s prompt is a journaling prompt by way of a crafts blog:

[W]rite about current events and how they affect [you]. At least it will give those grandchildren some good fodder for when they have to write essays about what it might have been like to live in our day! I’m trying to include events that might “define” this age, such as the popularity of blogging, using the internet for social networking, and the Iraq War.

In other words, imagine that you’re leaving a little time-capsule-like legacy for your descendants, to give them a better understanding of what life was really like right now. How would you go about that? What would you include? Remember that given today’s multimedia focus you aren’t limited by pen and paper–you could always plan out a mix of writing, video clips, and so on. Either go ahead and start writing your legacy, or brainstorm a project that would serve as this legacy.

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