Take a look at Christian Lorenz Scheurer’s amazing painting Procession. Spend a few moments drinking in every detail, then set out two sheets of paper and free-write your thoughts about the piece–or the beginnings of a story or story concept based on it.

Things to think about:

  • These days religion is a huge sore spot for so many people and is at the heart of so much conflict in the world. How can you continue to address it in your art and writing in ways that lend insight, and allow people to learn about themselves, without preaching or pushing an agenda? How can you address religion without either pushing away or pandering to an already-sensitized audience?
  • How can you work with the concepts of light and darkness in your writing? How can you approach them in a non-stererotypical manner? How can you allow them to inform a piece without overshadowing it (so to speak)?
  • How do society, spirituality, and religion interact and interrelate in your work?

write with grace
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