Review of Bookworm Deluxe

Well, at least I did manage to post a review of Bookworm Deluxe in the reviews blog. I’m still waiting for the doctor to call back, after having called twice, and still waiting to hear back from customer service about that missing package. I know folks are busy at this time of year, and I feel badly (particularly with the customer service folks) for being a pest, but I’m running out of time in both cases. If I need a new prescription I have to give my pharmacy at least a couple of hours to fill it at this time of year, and if I have to order something new to get to those friends, I really need to be doing so now if I want any hope of it getting there by Christmas.

Why is it the holidays always get so crazy, anyway?

Obligatory Edit: This is why I love the King Arthur Flour Company Baker’s Catalogue. They re-sent the order to arrive in just three days, despite the fact that this appears to have been entirely the fault of the post office, and they did it without any fuss or anything. They’re such a wonderful company. This is why I’ve been shopping with them for 15-20 years, ever since I actually lived near their store.

And, tomorrow I can pick up my new antibiotics, which I gather the pharmacy had to order. The doctor was ‘concerned’ about trying to find an antibiotic I could take, so we went with an old one that isn’t very common any more but that has never given me any trouble before.

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