Ahh cooking…

We found a wonderful butcher’s shop this weekend, so the one good meal we planned to cook is turning into three or four.

I think I can whole-heartedly recommend the “King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking” cookbook at this point, although I’ll wait to officially review it until we make a few more recipes out of it. The whole-wheat tortillas and pitas from it were amazing and surprisingly easy, and the berry pie is to-die-for. And no, I’m not normally that fond of whole-wheat items; KAF is great about trying to find delicious ways to cook with whole grains.

We had to make the tortillas because we made fajitas (including homemade guacamole). The pita were for an eggplant salad recipe from a review cookbook (which I expect to review later this week)–that recipe turned out surprisingly amazing! We got some frozen venison while we were at the butcher’s, but we’re saving that for next weekend. We’re turning some ground beef into a filling for a filo wrap, but the filling’s an impromptu inspiration on my husband’s part (nuts, dried fruit, vegetables, seasonings… wow). We had steak, and a couscous and vegetable recipe that was also from that review cookbook. Mmmmm.

I just had a fajita for lunch made with leftover ingredients. *happy sigh*

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