Cats and T-Shirts, Oh My!

Selene update: the collar came off on the Friday before New Year’s. She’s all healed up, although it looks like she’s going to have a straight scar line down her belly, which is pretty weird, since this thing started out as an allergic reaction. Of course when she had the collar on for several weeks she couldn’t groom her fur, which drove her nuts, so now she’s over-grooming and leaving herself with little bare patches. Hopefully we’ll get her to stop that soon!

I have some good news regarding the cafepress shops, but it might be a couple of weeks before I can post it, so instead in the meantime here are some of our latest designs. First, the ones from the Gamers’ Heaven store:


And then of course, the ones from the Caffeinated Chicanery store, still in that new series of ours:


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2 comments on “Cats and T-Shirts, Oh My!
  1. Scott M says:

    Hurray for healthy kitties. I hope Selene’s soon her old bundle of Seleneness…

  2. Thanks, and me too! She’s so tiny that I can’t help worrying over her. 🙂

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