Fake Warcraft Items for Fun and… Well, Not Profit

Foton over at AFK Gamer pointed the way to a nifty new online toy: the World of Warcraft item and spell creator, on which you can create nifty-looking items and spells and let folks rate them. There are a ton of options–it’s really quite well done–and it’s a lot of fun to play with:

Wow Item Creator!

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Of course I prefer the items which have a quirk of humor to them, but there are a ton of items where you can see that someone thinks they’re actually trying to come up with something they think their character should have. These are inevitably boring, overpowered items with nothing interesting about them. Then there are the items where you can tell the creator thought they were being funny, but they just… fail.

The ratings do help somewhat in looking for fun items to browse, and you can waste a lot of time on this site! One entertaining quirk I’ve noticed, however: the naughty-word filter gets a little, uh, overzealous. For example, an entry with the word “inconspicuous” in it got marked NSFW because the letters s, p, i, and c appear contiguously within “inconspicuous.”

Anyway, I love little online frobbies like this. I’d better try not to waste too much time with it, though; off to read more review book!

Server Down Mousepad
Also on shirts, stickers, mugs, more!

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4 comments on “Fake Warcraft Items for Fun and… Well, Not Profit
  1. Oh man, I remember that! XD

    I made up a bunch of my own:


    Hope you are well! ^_^

  2. heather says:

    Hi pocky! I’ll have to go look at yours. We are indeed well, if a little hosed this weekend. =} Will write soon!

  3. Cool, cool. ^^

    Hey, email me what LOTRO server you’re on. >.>;

  4. heather says:

    Well, we’re on Vilya, but we haven’t had a lot of time for playing of late. I’ll let Jeffrey know you’re looking for some lotro fun and we’ll see if we can hook up one of these nights. Probably not this week due to his work schedule, but hopefully sometime soon!

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