“False Fruit Cake”

I love randomized spam subject lines. Unfortunately, the spammers changed their algorithms some time ago and I get fewer subject lines that make my brain cells spin these days. Still, occasionally they do arrive, and yesterday’s was: “False Fruit Cake.” This left me thinking: why on earth would someone falsify a fruitcake? Driver’s licenses, passports, deeds, wills, expensive artwork–all these things have a lofty history of forgery in literature and life. But fruitcake? Uh-uh.

Today, pick an everyday item that it seems no one in their right mind would forge (use fruitcake if it gives you ideas!) and free-write or write a short story to delve into this mystery.

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2 comments on ““False Fruit Cake”
  1. Aaron Agassi says:

    Speaking of Burning Epiphanies, what pops into my mind, is “false fire” from Hamlet. as in:
    “What, frighted with false fire!”
    And hence: “What, frighted with false

  2. Well, fruitcake can indeed be a very frightening thing, so that could make entirely too much sense.;)

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