Mmmmm. Fried Eggs.

Random cooking tip: how to make yummy sunny-side-up fried eggs with whites that are cooked all the way through yet yolks that are still soft.

My problem with fried eggs was always this: either you had soft yolks but undercooked whites on top (*shudder*), or you had cooked-through whites but the yolk was hard and perhaps the bottom of your eggs was burned. At some point I found the perfect solution to this:

Heat your pan to about medium; spray with cooking oil or whatever you prefer to use. Break eggs into a bowl and slide into pan (this makes it easier to fish out any bits of errant shell); season as desired. Now–here’s the oh-so-simple and yet oh-so-important part: LID THE PAN with a see-through (i.e. glass) lid. This causes steam and heat to pool over the top of the eggs as well as beneath them, cooking them through from both sides, effectively.

In my experience when the yolks just film over with white they’re about perfect (hence the need for a see-through lid), but you’ll find your own perfect point with practice. Not only does this result in fried eggs with soft yolks yet cooked whites, but it also results in very creamy, soft egg whites.

“I’ll get my own dinner, thanks!
Now just step a little bit closer…”

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One comment on “Mmmmm. Fried Eggs.
  1. Scott M says:

    Nice trick. Of course, Jennifer likes hers over hard, eaten between toast like a sandwich, but I’ll use this for me sometime.

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