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The problem with taking a week off is that invariably we end up playing Warcraft with friends, which means we come up with more T-shirt ideas, but I’m not also putting together new designs–so I end up with a stack of ideas that could last me the rest of the year! I’ve gone ahead and put up the first few new ones, although I intend to stretch them out a bit so there’s always something new going up.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve noted this before, but cafepress does provide a nice little newsletter interface so that folks can sign up for newsletters from their favorite stores (the signup box is generally found at the bottom of the left-hand nav bar in each shop). We do use this feature, although we keep the newsletters brief and to the point, and once monthly for each shop. We’re going to start including subscribers-only sales in each issue, so please sign up if you like our stuff!

We have one new design up in the Caffeinated Chicanery shop, but it’s the start of a long series. In it, a mysterious graffiti artist has found a number of quotes about life and crossed out the ‘l’, replacing it with a ‘w’. The results should prove interesting, particularly as we were really on a roll the night we started churning these out (we have more than 30 ideas to cull):

Get a (W)ife Women’s Dark T-Shirt

There are also a couple of new designs in the Gamers’ Heaven shop, some of which are appropriate to both mmorpg and rpg players alike:


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