Today, instead of simply taking a prompt I provide you, you’re going to construct your own instant prompt generator. Assemble the following tools: a pen, a tiny pad of post-it notes, a container (such as a small box, a candy bowl, or even a ziploc sandwich bag) and one or more of the following:

  • Your computer with the web browser open
  • A dictionary or thesaurus
  • A copy of the D&D “Dungeon Master’s Guide” or similar book open to one of the item-generation or treasure lists
  • An art book or photo book with many inspiring images
  • Some other item you can use as a list of inspiring items, names, images, etc.

Write one random word, short description of an image, item, phrase from a song lyric, or anything else interesting onto each post-it, fold it up, and put it in the container.

Starting today and doing this again any time you want a random prompt, pull out one to three slips of paper, open them up, and work their contents together into a piece of writing. Every now and then add another handful of slips to your collection and give it a shake.

Character Dictation Large Mug

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