A New Milestone in Gaming Apparel

Today we hit a new milestone in our cafepress venture: we sold a thong.

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Yes, you read that right, we sold a thong. The idea of selling a thong with an rpg or writing saying on it has been one of those giggle-inducing “wouldn’t it be great if” things for months now. We always said we go out and celebrate when we sold our first thong, just because it’s one of those hilarious moments that can’t be planned or anticipated. And last night, yes, someone caused us to make our first thong sale. Whoever you are, you’re awesome and we love you!

Character Dictation Classic Thong

The other moment we enjoyed was when we sold an infant creeper with the “I don’t need wisdom. I’ve got charisma.” design on it. Because, hey, what could be better for an infant? And wouldn’t it be cool to be the kid whose parents or other relatives had that kind of a sense of humor?

I’ve got charisma Infant Bodysuit

Cafepress appears to have made a couple of changes that should help me make new selections even better. For one, they have shirts available in new styles and colors. The new colors of old styles should be available as selections immediately; new styles will be added in as time permits since that has to be done manually (they’ll be automatically added to new designs we put up though). Cafepress has also finally made it possible to use designs with transparency in them on both their dark shirts (which we could already do) and the rest of their products (finally!). What does this mean to you? Well, no more having separate designs for dark shirts and everything else, which means better consistency. You can see the results in today’s new design, “The flavor of exalted”:

“The flavor of Exalted:
Sweet, fruity, and
with a distinct aftertaste
of what do I do now?”

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