Cookbook Review and… 500+ Reviews!

Today’s review is of Jewish Holiday Feasts, a wonderfully delicious little cookbook from Chronicle Books.

Chronicle Books happens to be one of my favorite cookbook publishers. I haven’t loved each and every cookbook they’ve put out, but pretty damn close, and when they’re good they’re GOOD. Besides, how could I not love the publisher that put out Peggy Cullen’s “Caramel”, one of my all-time favorite cookbooks?

We’ve passed another new milestone: more than 500 reviews! ‘Course they date back about 7 years total (9 if you could my first couple of pathetic stabs at RPG reviews), but that’s still pretty awesome.

Anyway, I think it might be time for me to take the afternoon off. Have a great three-day weekend for those of you who get one, and have a great weekend for those of you who don’t! Me, I’ll be off playing D&D Monday!

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