Dismantling a planet

For today’s exercise, imagine that you’re an ordinary person who has, for some reason, decided to destroy the world. Write a story, journal entry, or free-write that discusses the following:

  • What does it mean to “destroy” a world? What criteria would you need to meet to accomplish your goal?
  • How would you go about accomplishing your goal? Remember, you’re an ordinary person who doesn’t have access to great wealth or power.

A few guidelines to follow:

  • Be creative. You can be as subtle as you choose–or not at all. Just be creative.
  • You can use this world as the titular planet, or you can use a fictional world: past, present or entirely other.
  • Keep in mind that “destroying” a world could take many forms. Come up with your own.
  • I suggest creating a brief, paragraph-long character portrait of your “ordinary person”. Not only will it give you details to work with (career, resources, contacts), but given today’s paranoid mind-set, it means that if anyone stumbles across your writing exercise it’ll be much clearer that it’s fiction. (It’s so sad that I even need to address this at all, but that’s a subject for another day.)

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