Errant Cats & An Odd Music Thought

As one tiny part of what my husband is doing to the site, I moved the cat photos from our own hosting to a flickr set. That option wasn’t available when the photos were first taken, but now it’s the easier way to go. If you have too much time on your hands and just can’t get enough of cat photos you’re welcome to look at them, but they’re mostly for our own viewing pleasure.

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I know it’s going to seem as though we have an insane number of photos, and, well, we do. You have to understand, however, that it’s maybe a third, at most, of what used to be up back when our old housemate, who took many of the earlier photos, had them in his own user directory; for some reason he didn’t see the need to exercise any quality control, so fuzzy pics, duplicates, whatever–they were all in there. At least we’ve narrowed it down significantly. Also, we’re no great photographers, so these ain’t no works of art. Like I said, they’re just viewable in case you feel like looking, not ’cause we think we’re going to win any awards!

In an odd note, this weekend I happened to listen to a song that for some reason reminded me of records my mother used to play when I was little–old folk music by people like Ian & Sylvia, or Peter, Paul & Mary. That reminded me of several songs that, despite the fact I haven’t heard them in I’d say 25 years, I occasionally get stuck in my head. I didn’t expect to find anything but looked at iTunes anyway, and to my great shock, there they were. I got PP&M’s “Polly Von” and a few Ian & Sylvia songs: “The Ghost Lover,” “Four Rode By,” “Farewell to Nova Scotia,” “Captain Woodstock’s Courtship,” and “The Moonshine Can.”

I know my mother would probably not be happy to hear this, but in an odd way I think listening to folk music when growing up influenced my love of certain types of metal in high school. Not in an “I’m going to rebel and listen to something my parents hate” kind of way, but because they actually had a few things in common. Good folk music tends to convey emotion and tell a story, and good metal tends to convey emotion and tell a story (both in my opinion, obviously). I prefer elements of emotion and storytelling to my music, even when it’s an instrumental or a humorous song. That’s one reason why I also tend to love movie scores (they’re designed to convey emotion & aid in storytelling) and things like the Cirque du Soleil albums or filk music. This all seems like an incredibly disparate and unrelated blending of tastes, but it isn’t really–it still suits those two desires, for story and emotion.

“I’m almost as stubborn as my cat!”

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2 comments on “Errant Cats & An Odd Music Thought
  1. Scott M says:

    Jennifer just started out with a new camera, so her “photo a day” blog will probably have many cat pics before long. So far, only Max has had a moment of fame on it: The Max Cat.

  2. Awww. I will have to check back now and then for more cat photos! 😀

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