Word Salad

It’s been a while since I put up one of these, so it’s time for another word association game. Take any of the following sets of words and free-associate off of the combination or work all of them into the opening page of a story, article, or essay:

  • homicidal, fall, guy
  • dune, reservation, moved
  • queen, grass, sees
  • jaw, kick, salt
  • mice, time, sand
  • souvenir, moist, impropriety, heartbreaking
  • details, perfection, heiroglyphic
  • drooping, monsoon, jello
  • instant, napalm, minnow
  • midrange, low tide, venison
  • dark, influences, settle
  • incineration, tongs, mist
  • noble, all-inclusive, warship

Indecision Sticker (Bumper)

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