Wordcount progress meters & a cookbook review

I’ve always loved wordcount progress meters and charts. They’re such fun doohickeys, and when I was working writing contracts they’re how I kept myself on course.

Unfortunately the hard reality of ADD/bipolar/etc. means that I’ve never been able to keep up with using one for long. It gets forgotten, or I get caught up in something else, or the act of keeping track of my word counts becomes a stressor. Still, I do love them, so here’s a link: [update 2/6/2014: the link is dead, I’m afraid. If you know of any other pages collecting links to such things, leave a comment please].

Also, I recently put up (and forgot to mention) a new review: Jewish Holiday Feasts, by Louise Fiszer and Jeannette Ferrary. The food is wonderful, the information is interesting, and the recipes are fairly simple and easy. In short, good eats!

Speaking of good eats, we made the… mistake?… of going to the butcher’s this weekend. We got a couple of tenderloins for that Valentine’s Day dinner we didn’t have due to the long power outage, and made Steak Au Poivre with them from our old standby, the Steak Lover’s Cookbook. Mmmmm. We also got lamb for curry, which we made yesterday along with a lemon rice pudding.

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3 comments on “Wordcount progress meters & a cookbook review
  1. zitzu says:

    Hello Heather,

    A friend of mine stumbled on the review you wrote of The Butcher’s Block and sent it to me yesterday, May 4th . My husband and I are the owners of The Butcher’s Block and were very pleasantly surprised and pleased with your kind words! We are getting ready to write some copy for an article that will appear in a magazine called “Exclusively Annapolis” that should publish sometime in May and we would like to know if we may have permission to use your review in the article.

    My name is Nancy and you may call me or my husband Steve at the shop anytime to let us know if that is acceptable.

    Thank you so much!

    Nancy L.

  2. Hi Nancy, I’ll give you a call tomorrow! In case you happen to see this sooner than then, however, you certainly have my permission to use what I wrote.


  3. Of course at the time I left that comment, for some reason I was thinking it was Sunday, not Saturday (I blame the benadryl ;), so it didn’t occur to me that you might not be in today. I’ll probably call tomorrow instead!


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