Want. Heat.

Thankfully it was a comparatively warm weekend, but it’s rather cold in here this morning.

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It turned out our delightful oil company (the one that left us hanging when our A/C went out this summer, and that, it turned out, hadn’t really been maintaining the furnace) failed to deliver oil even though we’re on an automatic delivery schedule.

They delivered oil Friday night, but we needed the gunk from the bottom of the tank cleaned out of the filter and nozzle, and frankly we didn’t want to let them near the new furnace. So, Saturday the tech from the company that installed the furnace came out. He cleaned everything out and got the thing working. Somewhere in there it stopped working again, however, and we don’t know why. So he’s supposed to come back out sometime today.

In the meantime, the cats and I are shivering in a pile of blankets. I’m sluggish and sleepy but I can’t exactly go fall asleep when I don’t know when the tech will come. I’m just hoping he comes early.

We went to see “300” yesterday, and I have to say… wow. We want to go see it again while it’s in theaters, and that’s rare. There was a lot to it. On the way out I heard a woman complaining that she didn’t like it because “everyone just died,” and I was thinking, “wow did she SO not pay attention.” It’s a richly layered movie, with superb acting and direction. Yeah, I know I’m not so discerning when it comes to movies, but I don’t care; I’ll go ahead and say this movie is amazing, not caring whether anyone agrees.

Must… see… again.

“My friends say I’m indecisive,
but I’m not so sure.”

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