Interim catch-up

Just a brief post to catch up on things. Yes, we have heat again; I hate our oil delivery company. How they managed to sludge up the tank so badly in less than three years is beyond me. Our HVAC repair folk are awesome, though. I can highly recommend the Baltimore-based MYCAV to anyone in that area.

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My husband is back in the country. Yay! I know, I didn’t say he was gone; I never like to talk about my schedule or his in advance online. It’s just one of those common sense things, you know? You don’t tell the world “hey! I’ll be home alone for a week!”

I do have a couple of new shirt designs. Since folks keep arriving at our shop via search engine looking for nerd-related apparel (and the level 70 nerd design, while popular, does serve a more limited audience), I made a more general “nerd” design:

Nerd Dark T-Shirt

Also, since it hardly seemed fair for nerds to get all the attention, I had to do a “geek” design as well:

Geek Dark T-Shirt

While playing around with some stuff I also ended up making a mages are not vending machines! design:

Vending Sticker (Bumper)

Tomorrow we have a concert to go to, and soon I’ll have some books to review. More on that next week–have a great weekend!

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