More than animal, less than human?

This quirky little article got me to thinking a bit about the role of animals in life and literature:

Fang Peng, from Pingsai town, Guizhou Province, claims ‘Submarine’ responds to his name being called out.

Fang says the fish developed his ability to understand human speech from his father who used to spend four hours a day with him.

There are scores of articles about family pets that have saved their owners from deadly house fires or the like. Many pet-owners believe their pets have complex emotions and motivations, and animals often play intricate roles in fiction and literature–whether as symbols, ordinary animals, or something “more.”

Today, free-write a bit about the roles animals can play in literature or popular fiction, in a particular genre or in general. Free-write about what you’d like to do with an animal in your writing, or begin a story that involves one. Your imagination is your only limit–your animal can be as normal or supernormal as you’d like.

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