Oil Furnaces Suck

We just got this furnace put in this summer. Today it seems to be spewing out fumes and sounding funny. So, I turned off the heat and someone will be by tonight to check it out. Thankfully it’s a sunny day and there’s a nice bay window in this room. I still feel kind of cruddy from the fumes, but hopefully that’ll wear off soon.

Computers also suck. Not in their existence–I love computers. They suck because they break down or become unable to support the software you need far sooner than you can really afford to replace them. This computer, for example, is dying a slow death. It’s actually held up well, but that doesn’t mean I want to pay to replace it. The other day the hard drive was rattling, so at least I backed everything up.

I will probably replace it with another Mac. I’ve gone back and forth on this for months. I know I can get a Windows machine cheaper, but frankly, odds are good that computer would break down and have far more troubles than a Mac, so I’m not sure it would be cheaper in the long run. The customer service at a lot of PC companies isn’t great, and the number of times you tend to need it seems to be higher. (Yes, I’ve had both Macs and PCs before, as well as Linux boxes.) I do want to be able to run some Windows-only software, but Macs have Boot Camp, so I can do that with a Mac. I’d also feel more secure having my email client be on a Mac–never once have I had trouble getting a virus or trojan from email when on a Mac, while I know tons of folks whose PCs have been shot to hell by the things.

I think I will get a desktop this time. I adore having a laptop, but I can get more machine for less money on a desktop, and with a wireless keyboard and mouse I think it’ll work out just fine. There’s an Apple store near us, so I can go check it out to be sure.

I have to admit, while I seriously don’t look forward to the expenditure, I DO look forward to having more RAM and a faster processor. This was an amazing machine when I got it, and it’s still good, but it’s starting to stutter a bit with some things.

On a (mostly unrelated) note: Metroblogging Azeroth is a great new day-by-day account of a new player’s adventures through Azeroth. Fun, funny, and a reminder of how great (and frustrating!) it can be to be a total noob.

Edited to add: Check out a fun story of revenge on a gold-scammer!

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