Politics and Cogent Arguments

I guess it’s time for my once-every-few-months political link. I do try to avoid them for the most part, but every now and then I see something so good I can’t resist. At least I try to let them speak for themselves.

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Today’s link is Andrew Sullivan’s take on Ann Coulter’s comments. For the most part I’ve been ignoring that whole mess–why give her any more publicity than she already gets?–but this guy has, in the midst of all the name-calling and uproar, the most cogent, logical, well-thought-out article I’ve seen in an incredibly long time. Read it all the way through–some of the best stuff is toward the end, and it’s very moving.

On an amusing note, apparently it took running for the Presidency to get Barack Obama to pay his college parking tickets. Sure, compared to most politicians’ transgressions it’s a small one (and if this is the worst dirt they can dig up on him I’m impressed), but it’s still a reminder that all politicians are… well… politicians. I guess the message he’s sending is, it’s okay to skip out on your fines as long as you aren’t running for the Presidency, and even then it’s okay as long as you pay them up first. So what I want to know is, if he wins, and I get some tickets, can I skip out on paying them and then say, “but the President says it’s okay as long as I pay them before I run for office”? 😛

Of course with that line of reasoning a whole LOT of things would be acceptable right now, and I don’t think I want to go there…

In entirely unrelated news, JoCo is going to be playing nearby later this month, so hopefully I will get to go listen!

“Gnomish WORLD Enlarger?
How about a Gnomish GNOME Enlarger?”

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