Shivering again…

Really, I’ll be making some blog posts and writing reviews again soon. It’s just freezing here again since our heat went out yesterday (again). It’s been a long week, so I haven’t gotten much done.

I have been doing some reading on review books, though (a writing book and two cookbooks that actually involve reading as well as cooking), and some RPG prep stuff that’ll go nicely under the “Sand and Dreams” section soon, including a slightly different little adventure and some arc-plot progression.

Oh, and here’s a fun post for the day: 50 signs you’re working in a bad restaurant (NOTE: I had to remove the link because it’s old enough that it’s broken now—Feb. 2014). It’s enough to make you never want to eat out again. I’ve long thought that you can recognize a good place to eat by how happy its staff are. (Something that The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Restaurant made particularly clear.)

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