A WoW Wedding; WoW and LotRO

I think it’s worth watching this 9-minute YouTube video of a Korean World of Warcraft wedding just once, even though the constant camera motion will make you dizzy and the echoing quality of any vocals is just plain eerie, for the pure WTF?!-value.

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I’m longing to check out LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online)–Foton over at AFKGamer seems quite smitten with it, and he’s never been that easily impressed. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I grew up on Lord of the Rings (the books, obviously–I still remember reading “The Silmarillion” in 8th grade). Of course there’s something about seeing the 60th variation on “Legoolas” and “Gimliiii” in Warcraft that cheapened it a bit, but well, it happens.

Warcraft got a lot of non-mmorpg players to start playing. Take my husband and myself, for example–before we started playing WoW over two years ago we had no interest in the MMORPGs out there. We were happy to stick to our tabletop games (which we still do play, mind you). So here’s the question–will that transfer to other new games coming out, such as LotRO, or will those folks be one-game players? I know I’d like to play more now; I still have no real interest in EverQuest, but LotRO appeals, and I’ll give it a shot once I have a computer that can play it. I’m also still tempted to try City of Villains/City of Heroes, although I’m not sure they’d keep me going long-term. How many of those “I never thought I’d play an mmorpg” players, though, will play more than just Warcraft?

If other games can tap into that new player-base and keep them playing more and newer games, we’ll really have something. If they can’t, then this’ll be a temporary thing as the real mmorpg players move on to other games over time, and the only-WoW-players presumably eventually grow bored with a slowly emptying world. Certainly since the LotRO open beta started I’ve noticed a discernible drop in the Warcraft player population–I wonder if that will continue, or if it’s a temporary thing?

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