Caribbean Jerk and Oldways

Two new cookbook reviews are up! Check out The Oldways Table: Essays & Recipes from the Culinary Think Tank, by K. Dun Gifford, Sara Baer-Sinnott, et al, and Jerk from Jamaica: Barbecue Caribbean Style by Helen Willinsky.

The “Jerk from Jamaica” cookbook is absolutely magical. The food is splendid, with subtle and complex flavors created from just a handful of ingredients. “Oldways” is less a cookbook and more an essay book, but if you enjoy reading about good food and food traditions from around the world, it’s a great find.

I have to admit, I’m getting hooked on more and more natural foods. They just taste better, when done right. We’re planning to drop by the local Whole Foods store this weekend so we can start making recipes from the “Super Natural Foods” cookbook I still have to review.

In largely unrelated news, I recommend checking out Ian & Matt’s new Three Panel Soul comic (these are the folks who used to do Mac Hall). It’s quirky–sometimes dark, often entertaining–and really neat. I love where they’re going stylistically.

After reading Foton’s account of the lord of the rings online game, all I can say is… *whimper!* Must get a windows gaming platform…

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