Errant Dreams

Here it is: we’re officially business owners (this is so strange). We’re currently on a waiting list for a virtual server at a new provider; once we have it we’ll deploy the new version of the site. Sometime today we’ll go get a PO Box for business correspondence, and hopefully a business bank account (so many little details to deal with), not to mention an EIN.

It looks like Cafepress has managed to restore the images at Gamers’ Heaven and Caffeinated Chicanery, so the designs from the last few months should once again be available.

I’m currently working on two books for review–the deluxe Writer’s Market and the third edition of “The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People.” I apologize for the slow posting of late and lack of reviews; I’m still in the midst of dealing with business start-up stuff and moving from one computer to another (which is more complicated than it sounds). At the same time my husband’s switching jobs and our business partner is getting ready to go overseas for a couple of months. It’s a crazy time.

Anyway, at least lotro officially launches today, and I should get my package from UPS this afternoon. I look forward to writing more in-depth thoughts about the game.

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