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Well, we’re another step closer to having that business and being able to roll out a couple of new things. In the meantime, our partner-in-crime keeps coming up with Mother’s Day Warcraft shirts. 🙂 And I think my GIMP skills are improving, so they’re coming out pretty well.

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We have three Mother’s Day designs, aimed at either the mom who plays Warcraft of the tolerant mom of kids who play. (We seem to be selling a lot of infant-wear lately, which I think is just cool; wouldn’t you love to have the kind of parents who bought infant creepers with mmorpg designs?! I guess mom-wear is the next logical step, eh?)

Design #1 was “WoW MoM”:

I like the mirror-image aspect of it, the whimsical font, and the neon-blue outline coloration.

Design #2 is the obligatory “Level 70 Mom:”

Design #3 is “Elite Mom”, and this is my favorite so far:

I did my best to make it look as much as possible like an actual mob tooltip (heh, I mis-typed that as “mom tooltip” at first).

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