Changing email after… uh, wow…

I’m discovering just how much work it is to change over your email address after having the same one for… umm, 7 years? 10 years? Something like that. Especially since I’m not nearly as good as I should be about keeping up with my email.

I’m gradually working my way through the archaeological dig that is my inbox. I’m unsubbing from various newsletters I don’t read any more, changing my profile info at tons of sites, emailing all sorts of folks I correspond with, and so on. At least my old address isn’t going away anytime soon, so there’s no sense of impending doom about this; it’ll all get forwarded to the new address. Anyone who’s taken a look at the new site might have noticed the new “contact us” link at the bottom with the support (at) email address; my own new one is just heather.grove at the new domain as well (–sorry to be so circuitous, but I’m kind of hoping to avoid so much spam building up with this address. After all, my burningvoid email address was on the website before there were automated crawlers and the concern about obfuscating addresses, so any hope I have of staying off of lists was long ago shot to hell.

I’ve spent the entire morning working on this and I’m nowhere near done. Urg. I think it’s time for a break.

Just a brief note to the folks who subscribe to the newsletters for the cafepress stores: the one for gamers’ heaven seems to have gone out fine, but the one for caffeinated chicanery disappeared into the ether–I think. The newsletter system at CP seems to think something went out, but it doesn’t have a record of the newsletter saved. So if you don’t get something this month and wonder why, that’s the reason. Hopefully it went out.

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