Heidi Swanson’s Natural Foods Cookbooks

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on reviewing Heidi Swanson’s cookbook. Unfortunately it took a little time, because I needed a good solid weekend free for shopping and cooking, and I didn’t get one of those until this past weekend. Now the review of “Super Natural Cooking” is finally up!

Allow me to digress (slightly) for a moment. It’s a crying shame that natural foods tend to be so expensive, thus putting them out of reach of poorer folks or turning them into luxury items. I know partly this is because there’s less demand for them, making them specialty items. It isn’t hard to see, however, particularly in places like Annapolis, that often it’s just stores realizing that a large part of their audience consists of high-income people willing to spend a ton of money on anything they think is trendy. Which makes things pretty tough on the rest of us who’d like to enjoy these foods because they’re good and good for us.

That’s one thing I really miss about living in New Hampshire. We could drive 20 minutes over the border into Vermont to the Four Corners Farm and buy some of the most amazing in-season produce ever–usually we could fill two paper bags for about $20. Of course, on the other hand, we’d have had to drive about an hour away to get the unusual natural foods that the Whole Foods Market carries.

I hope the natural foods trend grows beyond a trend and into something more common in a big hurry. I want to be able to get fresh, beautiful produce of all kinds without going broke. (Of course on that end, what I really want is to have the budget for a good garden one of these years.)

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