Infant wear for gamers’ kids?!

We didn’t set out to make infant wear when we started making gamer wear. We just naturally included the designs on most of the available items at cafepress–including infant wear–because you never know what folks will want to buy. And lately it seems they’re buying gamer-wear for their kids.

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I guess it makes sense. Us gamers are growing up and becoming adult gamers. It startled me to realize recently that I’m old enough to have kids in their teens, if I’d had kids. Many of us have quirky senses of humor, and why shouldn’t our kids have to suffer from those senses of humor too? Uh, did I say suffer from? I meant enjoy! Yeah, that’s it!

So, as we often do when we notice a trend in our sales, we embraced it. Introducing our line of gamer wear just for kids (particularly infants). It includes such designs already as “Got too close to Gnomish world enlarger”; “Have 1 tooth, LFM then GTG”; “My ALT can walk!”; and “WTB [Solid Food] PST”:

And yes, we have more in the works.

Naturally, however, we couldn’t stop there. Particularly our partner the paladin–once he gets started, watch out. Just keeping up with writing down his ideas as we go about killing stuff in Warcraft is a real challenge. So, we’re also including some general humorous infant wear in the Caffeinated Chicanery store. So far we have, “Version 1.0 beta”; “Shrink ray test subject #395”; “What a babe!”; and “Will walk for beer”:

I mentioned we don’t plan to stop there, right?

I almost feel as though I’m posting a satire piece, but no, I’m serious.

Really. Stop staring.

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One comment on “Infant wear for gamers’ kids?!
  1. Liz says:

    tha will walk for beer shirt is sooo funny, my husband would love that!

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