Short Hiatus

We’re in the process of importing the blogs over to the new site. We’ve imported the posts, but haven’t yet prettied everything up enough to put in the redirects. Thus we won’t be posting anything significant here until that’s ready. I expect it to be set probably sometime next week. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE 5/29/07: We ran into a few technical glitches that’ll delay switching over for a little longer, so I’ll continue posting here for now.

UPDATE 6/13/07: Live from now!

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One comment on “Short Hiatus
  1. Erik says:

    Hi, Heather. I came across your site last night while looking for reviews of ice cream machines (thanks for the write up by the way). You’ve got an interesting, eclectic mix of stuff on the blog.

    Anyway, I run a site called We get about 25,000 visitors every day looking for answers to their problems. I’d love to interest you in contributing some “How To” articles to our site. Perhaps you could even just repurpose some of your existing material. It might be a good chance for you to share your expertise with a wider audience. You could also get a little exposure for your blog or other things you work on. Finally, we have a partnership with Google where we will share 50% of all AdSense revenue. Since you already have an account set up, it would be quite easy for you to start earning a little extra money. You certainly wont be able to retire off of it, but with our large user base, your articles can get some good exposure.

    If you want to sign up, you can become a member here: In the meantime, thanks for the hints on the ice cream machines!


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