Ant-Slaying Quest: Completed

We finally completed the escort quest, after several additional complications, such as the extermination company having input the wrong zip code and ended up in Baltimore instead of Annapolis. They sprayed for the ants (I swear it looks like our entire lawn is composed of ant colonies) and dusted our four carpenter bee nests. Things seem to be much better now.

Now our road is getting ripped up again. Mind you, I’m not really complaining, since the patch job they did last week mostly turned the street from a full-bore roller coaster ride to a kiddie roller coaster ride, which was only a minor improvement. This time it looks like they’re doing the whole thing. (You think I’m kidding with that roller coaster comment? There’s a spot across the street where we’d slow down to about five miles an hour and the car would still rock back and forth like it was on hydraulics.)

In entirely different news, Shores of Evendim is coming out for LotRO today! Whooo! They’re being smart by putting out regular free content updates. They’re also being smart by making the preview server available during the downtime with a special event to keep folks entertained. I’m looking forward to playing around after the servers come back up tonight.

So, we haven’t put in redirects from the old site yet (we’ll do that after we’ve brought over the last pieces, i.e. the reviews and the link directory), but since this blog is up and running I figured I might as well start posting here. I’ve found some interesting new sites of late, which you’ll find in the blogroll–such as Van Hemlock’s erudite gaming blog, Glod’n’Epix’s academic approach to gaming, and of course some additional comics like xkcd, Three Panel Soul, and Cyanide and Happiness. I have various things I want to post about in coming weeks, and a review that’s finished and waiting for the reviews blog to move over (with another one coming up soon), so come back soon! In the meantime, if you see any rough edges do let me know–we haven’t quite finished up yet and might have missed something.

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