Baking a ton of bread! (New review)

In happy news: We’ve moved the reviews over to Errant Dreams Reviews! In honor of this, I’ve posted the first new review since the move; technically I’ve had it written for about a week, but I wanted to wait to post it until we were all moved over. Here it is: Secrets of a Jewish Baker, Revised, by George Greenstein. It is an absolutely fantastic book. The bran bread and cracked wheat bread blew me away, and I never expected to hear myself say that. In particular I love his “programs” of baking, which interleave the instructions for a handful of recipes so you can do a week’s worth of baking in one morning. We took whole loaves of the cracked wheat, Irish raisin and cheese breads to a cookout and they were a big hit.

Come Monday you should see the review of Michael Michalko’s “Thinkertoys,” to be followed shortly thereafter by his “Thinkpak.”

In the meantime we’re working on the final piece of the old site yet to be moved over: the links directory!

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