Usually when I talk about food- and cooking-related things I like them to be on the yummy and/or healthy side. Today I thought I’d delve into so-bad-it’s-awesome territory and link you on over to Craptails: the 10 worst drink concepts of all time. The “VIP Sangria” is fairly mundane, with its mix of crappy soda and expensive wine, but things swiftly become bizarre with such ingredients as used socks (to moderate the foul odor of durian fruit), a power drill, raw bacon, Spam, a whole salmon, and a fried quail egg.

Oh, not all in the same recipe. Sorry for the confusion.

My only sadness is that the post doesn’t include photos for each and every one of these dubious masterpieces:

Oh, and it while it would have been even more cool if these had been real drinks someone came up with (I still remember the Galactica special in which the actress who plays Sharon made her “Cylon Shooter”, which actually looked kinda good, if lethal), it’s still entertaining to have someone craft themed disaster drinks.


In personal blah-blah-ing, I think I’m over one week with a sore throat. I was hoping not to have to go back to the doctor until after I found a new one. And in other oddness, I decided to take the which Heroes character are you? quiz just for fun. There has to be something fairly screwed up about scoring a tie between the series’s most innocent character (Hiro) and its most twisted (Sylar)–yet apparently that’s me. Innocently twisted? Twistedly innocent? Is that a good thing or bad? [Cue melodramatic voice-over:] YOU decide!

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