Dire Warnings!

Today I recommend that you visit the Not My Desk New Food Dire Warning And/Or Healthful Revelation Generator. Generate a dire warning or two and start writing:

  • A press release warning the public about this new hazard. Be as deadpan or over-the-top as you please. In the case of a revelation, a press release extolling its benefits.
  • A story about someone afflicted with or paranoid about contracting the new problem. In the case of a revelation, a story about someone who prays his life will be changed by it.
  • A story about the new plague or benefit’s effects on society.
  • A free-write based on the concepts linked by the warning or revelation.
  • A poem based on the unusual linkage of images and thoughts.

For today’s exercise, try the following pre-generated health revelation:

Butter sculptures shown to prevent creeping jowls.

Random generators of nearly any kind can be used for writing—they don’t have to specifically be plot generators, character generators, or the like.

“write with curiosity”
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