(Extra)Ordinary Objects

Today, take an ordinary object and make it extraordinary. Look around you and pick something of everyday use—your favorite coffee mug, a bunch of carrots, your cats’ water bowl, your oldest pair of sneakers. If you can’t see something you see everyday in this light, then use something ordinary but removed from your day-to-day existence. You could try one of the following:

  • A rutabaga
  • A dead bird
  • An optical mouse
  • An ivory candle
  • A map
  • A wallet
  • A pocket mirror

Perhaps the object is enchanted in some way. Maybe it kicks off a very unusual story, or is key to an extraordinary plot. A good example would be the magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk, or the greens the farmer’s wife craves in Rapunzel (not to mention Rapunzel’s hair). My favorite example right now, however, is this incredibly unusual piece of artwork I found yesterday:

Naked Mole Rat Dreams by *ursulav on deviantART

A turnip is just a turnip, right? And a mole rat is just a mole rat? Well not in the hands of someone creative. So today, take something ordinary and give it a new life.

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