Fished Out

You’re out for a spin on a friend’s live-in sailboat. It’s a pretty little thing, with maroon-edged sail, a tiny galley, and room enough for several people to sit and enjoy the view in the harbor. You’ve been out all morning in breezy weather; despite liberal application of sunscreen you’re getting a tad crispy, and you know you’ll hurt a bit tomorrow, but it’s worth it.

The wind changes directions and dark clouds scud overhead. Your friend rushes about lashing things down and you do your best to help. The first high waves hit and a loose line catches your foot, knocking you off of your feet. You hit your head and black out for a split second; the next thing you know you’re choking on water as you struggle to stay afloat.

You can’t see what has become of your friend’s boat–all you can see are waves. You think you hear voices for a moment and you struggle to call out, but your head submerges beneath the water and you black out again.

When you come to you find yourself lying on the deck of a large boat, retching up water. You manage to roll yourself over and you see a man peering down at you, a concerned expression on his face. He asks you a question–that much is obvious by the inflection of his voice–but you don’t recognize the language being spoken.

What happens next? Who are these people? What will become of you? What happened to your friend? Write it up journal-style with yourself as the main character, or write it up as a story.

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