While we haven’t yet had a chance to put in redirects from the old blogs since we still have one to go, I might as well start posting new exercises here so there’s something for folks to play with when they get directed here. In the meantime, if you see any rough edges do let me know–we haven’t quite finished up yet and might have missed something.

I’m currently reading Michael Michalko’s second edition of Thinkertoys (review), and found a quote that I think could inspire some interesting writing:

A lion has to be a lion all its life; a dog has to be a dog. But a human being can play with and bring about one of a huge number of different identities; the one he finally chooses will be determined by neither reason nor common sense, but by imagination.

There are many different ways to use this quote in an exercise. Journal about it. Free-write based on it. Create a character from it. Use it as the basis of a story. Pick something and go!

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