More writers’ exercises than you can shake your tail at

We’ve moved the writers’ and creativity exercises blog over to Errant Epiphanies and it’s off to a good (re)start. I’m reading a creativity book for review right now, which has me all inspired, so you can probably expect a slew of good exercises for a while. I’m also filling out the blogroll a bit with other prompt sites.

We’re in the middle of moving the reviews over to Errant Dreams Reviews. We have a little more to do before I can post (a couple of minor glitches), but the old reviews should all be there. I think that husband of mine did an awesome job with that header image. You’ll note you can now easily find directions for asking for a review in the static pages listed at the upper right on the main page.

I’m just finishing up my read of Michalko’s second edition of “Thinkertoys” for review, and starting in on an uncorrected ARC of “Grammar & Style at Your Fingertips”–one of the first offerings from Alpha Books’ new line (they make the Complete Idiot’s Guides) coming out in July. I also have Michalko’s “Thinkpak” cards to play with and review. All coming soon!

In completely unrelated news (well, almost–it does relate to writing and creativity), Wil Wheaton and George Takei (two of my favorite folks associated with the Trek franchise) are hosting a contest for Trekkies. Read Wil’s sample bit of fiction; it’s entertaining enough to actually kind of get me back in the mood for Trek-stuff, and it’s been a long while since I could say that! If you enjoy writing fanfic, you must check out this contest.

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