I don’t watch reality shows. Period. Okay, there was that one short time I don’t like to talk about when I watched a handful of episodes of America’s Next Top Model, but I plead insanity, and it was several years ago. Still, even I caught the YouTube replays of Paul Potts’s performance for “Britain’s Got Talent.” I have no interest in the show, in watching the competition, or any of that, but I had to watch him win:

Why? Because he’s such an ordinary, down-to-earth guy. He’s nice. He doesn’t look like a model; he isn’t wealthy or famous and he doesn’t act like a diva. On top of that he has such an awesome voice and talent for conveying emotion. I don’t normally care for opera, but I’ll admit his performance had me in tears for a moment there. It was a real high to watch the video of his audition where the judges went from expressions of “oh dear lord I hate myself” to “oh my GOD,” and it was even better to watch him win. In a way it’s a victory for everyone who feels ordinary but has a dream to be more. He represents our hopes and our dreams, and I hope he goes far with them.

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